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Oojami On Bellywood

The new Bellydancing Superstar show Bellywood featuring Oojami's new song Time Is Now which gave the name to our recent album. Bellywood show is touring in the US for 70 shows till February 2011! Many Oojami songs has been used on Bellydance Superstar shows, DVDs and compilations in the past. You can see some them from the links below. You can purchase Tiem Is Now album and individual songs as well as other Oojami albums from our new web site!


Oojami receives award!

Oojami receives Mediterranean Cultural Development award in Spain. Necmi Cavli(Bodrum), founder of Oojami, accepted the award from the Casa Mediteraneo representor, on behalf of the band. Casa Mediteraneo was founded by the External Minister of Spain, Miguel Angel Morantinos, to develop good cultural relations between Mediterranean countries, by introducing these cultures to young people.Oojami received the award after their Zaragoza concert during their small tour in Spain, July 2010. Oojami, in this tour, introduced their new album Time is Now. In this new album, like their 4 previous albums, Oojami fuse old and new sounds in their own unique way. Their tour in Spain was a great success, particularly their last concert in Santander which was unmissable. You can see the video of that concert on our web site.


Oojami songs have appeared in many movies such as Body of Lies (Leonardo Di Caprio) and Dirty Pretty Things (Audrey Tautou) as well as some musicals and documentaries! Audrey Tautou has been dancing to a song Fantasy from their first album Belly Dancing Breakbeats. Dark Ages and Wicked and Wild songs from Boom Shinga Ling album are used in Body of Lies Movies.

New Album on Sale

In the last album Time Is Now Oojami is moving away from the old and into a more song based approach. Turkish melodies combine with English vocal hooks over a carpet of urban beats providing around perfect for the conscious party!