New single! (May 2024)

You can listen to the single on Bandcamp.

New single! (April 2024)

You can listen to the single on Bandcamp.

New Album! (October 2023)

Oojami’s brand new album “Walk Alone” is out!

Oojami - Walk Alone

Oojami has returned with a new album, searching for a new multicultural sound, this time from Manchester, UK.

Oojami, after a long break, has returned back with a rich and versatile album available on social media platforms and also as a vinyl.

‘Walk Alone’ is over flowing with Turkish melodies combined with English vocals. Influences of Manchester electronic music scene can be heard on some down and up tempo songs. Oojami, this time round, is searching for the new multi-cultural sound from the North West soon to be followed by new songs and albums.

You can listen to the album on Bandcamp.

Or alternatively you can listen to it on following platforms.


 A Few Lines

About Oojami

Oojami, founded by Necmi Cavli, originally a native of Bodrum (Türkiye), moved to London in the nineties and started DJ’ing his own music in a small basement club in the Turkish quarter of North London. Over the last 20 years Oojami has produced 6 albums, five of which were internationally released by the American label (Miles Copland). Oojami have played in the region of 300 gigs in 20 different countries, including major venues and festivals such as Glastonbury and Royal Albert Hall.

The album “Bellydancing Breakbeats” established Oojami in the international bellydancing scene, particularly in the US as exemplified by The Bellydance Superstars. French actress Audrey Tatou was dancing to Oojami’s song in the cult film Dirty Pretty Things as well as featuring in movies such as Body of Lies (Leonardo Di Caprio).

Oojami, back in the orbit!


Released Albums

Time is Now

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Boom Shinga Ling

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Belly Zone: Best of Oojami

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Urban Dervish

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Bellydancing Breakbeats

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A thrillingly frentic, rootsy
yet hard-edged sound

(Time Out – UK)

A pulsating blast from
the global jukebox
(The Observer – UK)

West meets East in North London on this tasty ménage
of UK beats and Turkish sounds
(Music Week – UK)

Every track is a distinctive combination of avant thought and primal
beats, crunched into a singularly vivid musical experience
(Billboard – US)

A big, bouncing, face-licking dog of a record, put together with
an excited childlike enthusiasm which overflows out of every track
(The Wire – UK)

A truly exciting
cultural crossover
(Wanderlust – UK)

Impossible to define
but utterly irresistible
(Footloose – IN)

Musical style is unique.
Weird and wonderful entertainment
(Evening Standard – UK)

Similar to that of the Gotan Project and St Germain,
but instead of tango or jazz he’s adapting his own musical heritage
(The Guardian – UK)

It was probably the best ‘world groove’ event
that we’ve ever produced
(Small World – Canada)


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